Strata 146

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Modifications that affect the Exterior Strata Lot such as doors and windows require the written approval of the Executive Committee as per Strata 146 Bylaws: 

Proprietors Obligations / 33.11 A proprietor shall not make any external alterations in the Strata Lot without the approval in writing of the Corporation to the plans and specifications thereof and make such alterations only in accordance with such plans and specifications when approved.  

See below for forms and procedures for exterior modifications.  Window and door replacement and maintenance are the responsibility of each owner, see resolutions section above and policies below for details.  There is currently a hold on approval of any extensions, see resolutions for details.

Installation Cost Info ( as a guideline only, must be independently confirmed with contractor)

For doors and windows, the following costs for installation only as of June 2021 with 3D Cayman (installation only, painting not included) are as follows:


Front Door only: $625 or $575 each bulk discount if more than one unit replacing at same time

Patio Door only (sliding): $850

Windows: $3900

Material Cost Info ( as a guideline only, must be independently confirmed with ALT)

For doors and windows, the following (current as of June 2021) approximate costs (check with ALT for specifics and to confirm all pricing) for materials only, from ALT are as follows:

Entry Door

Front door, fibreglass - $436


Single pane, no tint: $1700 (this is what is typically carried in stock, note 2 bathroom windows are frosted and double glazed, as that's what's carried in stock in store).

Double pane, no tint: $3200

Impact rated, no tint: $5325

Patio Door

Sliding door, double pane, with screen: $2412

Sliding door, impact rated, with screen $2565

Please note these prices are in no way official or guaranteed and would need to be confirmed with ALT.

Garbage Bin Area

We'd like to kindly remind all Tropical Haven residents of the following guidelines of using the garbage areas (these are all regulations of the Department of Envrionmental Health): 

  • All garbage must be securely tied in plastic garbage bags, and placed inside a provided plastic garbage bin.  Absolutely no loose or unbagged waste permitted, not in the bins, and not outside of the bins.

  • Absolutely no construction waste.  All construction waste must be taken to the dump.

  • Any items too large to completely fit into a provided plastic bin (including all cardboard boxes and furniture) must to be taken to the landfill, which is free to use, and is open 24 hours per day, and is centrally located less than 2.5 miles  from Tropical Haven. You can access the landfill on Seymour Rd, which is off North Sound Road in Industrial Park. 

  • There are a number of recycling drop off locations on island for glass, paper/cardboard, and metal

Parking spaces and parking Lot 

All units at Tropical Haven have two parking spaces that are allocated to their unit - please see the map below for parking space allocations. 

Although the parking lot is due for repainting, and this is something we are prioritizing for next year's budget, these allocated spots are still in place.  If you have visitors or maintenance personnel visiting your unit, it is your responsibility to make sure they do not park in another unit’s spot, not even for a quick visit. 

It is frustrating for a resident to arrive home and not be able to park in their allocated spot. Please make sure you tell tenants, visitors and maintenance personnel where they can find visitor parking spots, or you can park your car in the visitor parking, and give the visitor or maintenance personnel your spot to park in, and move your car back when they leave.

Under no circumstances should anyone be parking in another unit’s allocated spot without their permission.


Under no circumstances should any vehicle be parked anywhere that is not a marked parking spot.
If you are a resident that has more than 2 vehicles, you have two options:

  • Find a resident with only 1 vehicle and make a private arrangement to give you written permission to park in their extra spot (please notify strata executive committee of this arrangement)

  • Keep additional vehicles off property

Additional vehicles may not be parked anywhere on property, including in the visitor parking spaces, which are for the use of all resident's visitors.  We only have 6 visitor parking spaces for all of Tropical Haven so it is important that they are kept for visitor spaces, and not be monopolized by one or two units' extra vehicles.
Parking on the grass
No vehicles are permitted to park on any of our grassy areas (with the exception of the 6 visitors spaces, which have grasscrete blocks).
Parking behind other Cars in the Parking Lot
No vehicles should be blocking in another vehicle, even if it is your own vehicle, as all vehicles should be able to come and go from their parking spaces without having to maneuver around a car not parked in a designated space.
Overnight Parking Use for Visitor Parking Spots
Vehicles should not be parked overnight on a regular basis in visitor parking, as these are shared spaces.

If there is a special request to park overnight for short term please reach out for approval to
Examples of a special circumstance would be:

  • You have a visitor flying in and renting a car while they are visiting.

Parking Lot Speed
Please drive slowly through the parking lot, both for the safety of pedestrians and children, and also to keep the noise levels down.  Maximum parking lot speed is 5 MPH.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  These policies are reflected in our Strata Bylaws



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