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Cultivating the growth of strong, happy, resilient children.

Registration is now open for our Tots and Peace Baby Yoga Spring Term!
New Term Starts April 19.

All classes are held at Centre Point Dance Studio in Alissta Tower (near Baby Shoppe) and taught by Miss Sarah, founder of Yoga Sprouts

Tots Classes:

10 week session, $210

Wednesday Dates: April 19 - June 21

Thursday dates: April 20 - June 22

Peace Baby Classes:

6 week session, $125

April 26 - May 31

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"My daughter absolutely loves your classes. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful experience for the little ones!  It's one of the only things she does that I think I enjoy equally.   You are a phenomenal instructor."

"My girls (2 years, 7 months) love Yoga Sprouts.  My toddler has been taking classes with Sarah for over a year, and she loves every class.  My infant has had the good fortune to be in both Tots and Peace Baby and she too enjoys the classes immensely.  The classes allow the children to learn a bit about their bodies and the world around them (sensory play) in a safe environment.  I highly recommend both classes from as early as possible.  It is a good place to make connections as a mom/dad, and socialize the babies/toddlers."

Peace Baby Yoga

Age: 3 months - new crawlers



Come and learn how yoga, movement, music and play can nurture the development of your baby's cognitive, emotional, and physical growth! Through gentle guided movement, massage and song, parents will bond with their infant while sharing and connecting with other new parents.


Each baby centred class incorporates adapted yoga poses, playful movement with song and rhyme, sensory activities and joint caregiver / baby relaxation.  


Caregivers will delight in watching their little ones grow and learn while making new friends and socializing with others.


Got twins?  Twins are two for the price of one for our Peace Baby Classes (best deal in Cayman!)


Tots Yoga

Age: confident crawlers - age 2 (ish)


As your child's mobility increases, our Tots classes encourage and support physical explorations in a positive, fun, and active way. Tots will engage in yoga poses, movement concepts, free exploration, songs and rhymes, and sensory activities, all which nurture their fine and gross motor skills, language, and social emotional development.


Tots Yoga provides a positive shared routine to carry young families through what can be a challenging time as they tackle tantrums and boundary testing.  Relaxation and energetic activity are contrasted and balanced, providing a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.



Our Fall 2022 School Based Class Enrolment is Now Open!

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 2.19.26 PM.png

Miss Sarah is the founder of Yoga Sprouts Cayman, and leads all of our offerings.

An evening of self-discovery that supports the development of positive body image and healthy friendships.

Make it a yoga party! We offer in-studio and on-location options. Fun, memorable, unique, and stress-free.

Our curriculum supports character development, healthy lifestyle choices, and emotional self-regulation.

Learn more about our weekly studio based classes for babies, tots, and kids up to age eight.

Convenience meets the mat.  Fifteen weekly classes at seven school locations.

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